The Emmons/Prickett Team served together on Council during a period when the progress in Pemberton Township all but came to a halt. Once again, they are trying to retake control of our future. Their record of skyrocketing tax increases and lack of accomplishments is still felt and remembered by the residents of Pemberton Township today. This is true, despite their attempt to hide it by running one of the most negative campaigns in Pemberton history.

What is even worse – they continue to ask for your TRUST while they resort to outright LIES, misstatements and personal attacks. You can see below just how far the Emmons/Prickett team will go in their attempt to fool the residents of Pemberton Township.

Remember, TRUST has to include the TRUTH.

Emmons/Prickett Statement: We are going to lower taxes.

Rick Pricket voted YES 4 years in a row (2002-2006) to raise taxes over $4 million dollars on Pemberton residents – a whopping 28% increase.

Under Mayor Patriarca and his team, they have effectively controlled spending, leading to the 2nd lowest four year budget cycle in forty years.

Even more disturbing – the Emmons/Prickett team has come out against Mayor Patriarca's 2010 budget that lowered taxes – saying instead they think the Township should hold on to unspent tax revenue.

Whereas Mayor Patriarca stated he believes that Government should only tax the residents what is needed to run the Government and not extra. (Source: 10/24 Forum)

Emmons/Prickett Statement: We will reverse zoning laws to preserve the Greenberg Farm.

When he was on Council, Peter Emmons went on record to argue in favor of development and NOT preservation when it came to Pemberton's developable land. Emmons emphasized he "could not support [the preserving of our developable land]". Emmons went on to say that, in his opinion, they "cannot preserve anymore farmland or any land in this town.” (Source: Council Minutes, September 1st, 2005)

Now, in order to appease his running mates, he has switched sides of the argument. This seems to be a trend of the Emmons team – remember, Rick Prickett was a Democrat and only chose to run as a Republican after the Democrats refused to support his tax raising record.

And let's not forget how John Shaw was elected to Council in 1999 as a Democrat and switched to Republican before finishing his term.

Mayor Patriarca stated he believes that the right to one's property should belong to the property owner, not the Government or Special Interest Groups. (Source: 10/24 Forum)

Emmons/Prickett Statement: Mayor Patriarca removed trees from private property without the owners permission.

As the Emmons team advocates TRUST in their mailing literature they continue to include a number of untrue and misleading statements, none more ridiculous than this one. The Pepe family, the owners of the property mentioned in the mail piece, have come forward and said that the Township in fact did receive their permission to cut down trees on their property. The tree removal created a safer environment and improved the fireworks display at the Township's Water Carnival, which was enjoyed by all who had attended. (Source: Paul Pepe)

Emmons/Prickett Statement: Mayor Patriarca is handing out fat pay raises to his cronies.

First, Mayor Patriarca takes exception to the hard working men and women of Pemberton Township being called cronies. These are residents who not only live and work here in our community, but also work very hard each and every day to provide the residents with the best possible service. Secondly, raises are not simply handed out. The Township, through the collective bargaining process, negotiated fair and equitable contracts with local unions (C.W.A., A.F.S.M.E.,and P.B.A.) which include standard contract terms and agreements.

Emmons/Prickett Statement: $450,000 was spent on cosmetic improvements to the township Courtroom.

The 2009 Municipal Budget included $240,000 in the capital improvement fund to pay for the costs related to renovating the Municipal Courtroom and court office space. Additional funding was provided for in the general fund, no new debt was incurred for this project. Actual costs were $212,000 for the contractor, $36,525 for the architect, and $20,000 for the cost of asbestos removal. Public Works Department manpower performed demolition and installed new furring, insulation, and sheetrock. DPW also redesigned and renovated the interior court office space to conform with New Jersey Judiciary requirements, saving taxpayers at least $15,000. Additionally, the New Jersey Judiciary approved the construction plans – which for the first time included separate offices for the municipal court judge, municipal prosecutor, and public defender.

Emmons/Prickett Statement: $75,000 was spent on a sidewalk sweeper, despite 99% of the town not having sidewalks.

The cost for the sweeper was paid for through an Urban Enterprise Zone grant. The sweeper was purchased for Downtown Browns Mills Business District– an area where there are sidewalks.

Emmons/Prickett Statement: $260,000 was spent to pave a section of Whites Bog Road.

A contract was awarded in the amount of $155,000 at the October 6, 2010, Council meeting. The cost of the contract was set by Councilman Prickett not to exceed $180,000 and, as you see, was awarded for much less. (Source: Council Minutes, October 6th, 2010)

Emmons/Prickett Statement: $85,000 was spent on a Washington lobbyist who doesn’t deliver.

First, the contract is for $77,000 not $85,000. The correct information is easily available in the meeting minutes that are published on the municipal website. Second, we pursued hiring a Washington, D.C. based lobbyist to help us obtain federal funding for critical projects such as rebuilding the dams at Country Lakes. That project alone is anticipated to cost between $6 million and $8 million. We are committed to doing everything reasonable to rebuild these dams with as little local taxpayer funds as possible. By hiring a lobbyist we decided to fight for Pemberton’s share of federal funds that are annually provided to thousands of towns, cities, and non-profit organizations in New Jersey and across the country.

Emmons/Prickett Statement: $30,000 was spent for a town clock that is still in a box and not installed.

First, the cost of the decorative clock was paid for through an Urban Enterprise Zone Grant. Second, we initially planned to install the clock at the Little Red Schoolhouse but the School Board recently surprised us by disapproving our request. We have moved forward with a plan to install the clock at the intersection of Lakehurst Road and Pemberton-Browns Mills Road.